Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Metrily connect to my PMS?

There are multiple connectivity ways, however, the fastest and easiest one is through the download of bookings list in Excel from you PMS, which will be, subsequently, uploaded in Metrily. (This method is compatible with the 95% of the existing PMS)

Do I need to install Metrily on my computer?

No, you just need a username and a password with which you can access to Metrily from any computer anywhere.

Do you offer counselling to make sales projections and help optimise hotel incomes?

Yes, absolutely. We will be delighted to analyse your hotel metrical and help you produce higher incomes through a detailed revenue management strategy. If you need more information about this service, you can contact us directly in

Do I need to know technical knowledge to use Metrily?

Absolutely not. Metrily is designed in order to be used by anyone. No technical knowledge is needed.

Will the obtained data help me produce higher incomes?

Metrily will give you lots of metrics just at one-click; metrics that you have never imagined on getting such easily. With a correct reading of the data, together with a good strategy, you can get huge results before long.

Can I segment different sales channels of my hotel?

Yes, you can create as many segments as you wish (online, agency travel, groups…), and, afterwards, you just have to assign each agency (, TUI…) to the related sector you have created.

Is there any help manual to use Metrily?

Of course, once you are registered, we will give you access to all our tutorial videos and we will be always at your disposal at

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